SYNERGY is a B2B initiative aimed at connecting business owners with other business owners and in so doing creating high-value and quality long-term relationships. Networking with people who understand your aspirations and challenges, and are willing to share and support your business journey is at the heart of SYNERGY. Coupled with this, SYNERGY is aiming to reduce the ‘real-world distance’ between the training opportunities which VET offers micro-enterprise owners and the requirements of business owners in terms of training, development and up-skilling.

Learning opportunities and exchanges will be created and supported at a time and in a format that is suitable and appropriate to time constrained business owners. Through the use of social networks, SYNERGY will bring together business owners, trainers, mentors and enterprise support agencies to foster a culture of learning within the micro-enterprise sector promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

In consultation with small business owners across Europe, SYNERGY is developing a series of mini-learning training courses, free to use information resources and toolkits and online masterclasses that address the real training requirements of the micro-enterprise and SME sector. 

Overall, SYNERGY aims to minimise business failure, strengthen operational capacity and tap into the wealth of knowledge and expertise within business owners across Europe.

The SYNERGY project commenced in September 2014 and will operate until August 2016. SYNERGY is funded by the Irish National Agency, Léargas through the Erasmus+ Programme.

Harnessing the Learning Assets within the SME Business Community - SYNERGY
Project number 2014-1-IE01-KA202-000355